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Salty or Sweet Granizadas?

Here’s your Guatemalan Spanish word or the day: Granizadas, that’s shaved ice. Granizadas are just as popular as helados, ice cream, in …

The Granizada Transanction © Rudy Giron

-11 Days to 9th Anniversary: The Granizada Transanction

When I grew up, sweet granizadas, shaved ice, were the only choice. Sweet Guatemalan granizadas were simply prepared by adding watery food-coloring syrups. Nowadays, sweet granizadas are very complex, with all kinds of marmalades, syrups and condensed milk added as toppings. There are also now salty granizadas available as well. Salty granizadas usually have crushed pumpkin roasted seeds, chile powder, lime juice and salt. Of course, there are also michelada granizadas and ceviche tasting granizadas on the salty side. In other words, salty granizadas are as complex and in demand as the sweet granizadas.

Antigua Holy Week Various Vistas by Leonel -Nelo- Mijangos

Antigua Holy Week Various Vistas

Sábado de Gloria is a quieter day with only small processions carried by women known as Las Dolorosas (The Grief or Suffering …