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Family Business Meeting

At the end of a photo walk, I captured a family meeting outside their business to watch passers-by. I raised my camera …

all I need is a window, satchels and I'm ready © Rudy Giron

Open For Business

Here’s your Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Morral or satchel or tote bag. All I need is a window, some satchels …

Bird’s Eye View of Nim Pot

Nim Pot is another business that has turned into a landmark of Antigua Guatemala. I believe I have shown some handicrafts from …

Cucurucho Handicrafts by Rudy Girón

Cucurucho Handicrafts

The fear of photography is real in Antigua Guatemala. More often I am finding signs which prohibit photography. That’s kind of ironic …


Guatemalan Ceramic Owls

The traditional ceramic owls in La Antigua Guatemala are yellow, orange and brown as I have show you before, but more recently …


Wooden Fruit Handicrafts

With today’s entry we finish the handicrafts from around Antigua Guatemala series. Yes, I bet many of you don’t know we were …


Metal Figurines

Metal handicrafts are also very popular so there are plenty of artisans around Antigua Guatemala that work with metal. Often you will …


Tuk Tuk Toy

Believe it or not, the tuk tuk motorcycles which are used as short-run taxis, tourist police patrols units and grocery delivery vehicles …


Colorful Chicken Bus Terminal

A quick trip to the handicrafts market provides a handful of colorful images like the one above. Stay tune for upcoming photos …


Harmony in Chaos

Guatemalan textiles is all the proof that you need that there’s harmony in chaos; don’t you think?