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La Antigua Guatemala

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Dos Guatemalas by Rudy Giron

Two Guatemalas

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Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar by Rudy Giron

Façade of Iglesia de San Gaspar

After several previous tries I believe I have captured the essence of this tiny colonial church in San Gaspar Vivar. Sometimes it …


Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala

Christmas Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala is celebrated by staying up all night burning firecrackers and fireworks, eating tamales, …


Gas Tanks are Ugly Too

This is what Guatemalans think of when you utter Tanques de gas (gas tanks); it doesn’t cross their mind the fuel tank …


Uniformed Tourist Queue

Often, around La Antigua Guatemala, you see long lines of tourist in uniforms; sometimes is just a t-shirt, sometimes is the everything. …


The Remains of Holy Week

Well, it seems like the color purple will be with us for a while longer. The flowers above are known colloquially as …