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© Father and sons plying marimba music by Rudy Giron

Happy Guatemalan Father’s Day

As I have mentioned before, in Guatemala we still celebrate holidays on the actual date they happen to fall on. For instance, …

Arch Street Marimba Music by Zach Olson

Arch Street Marimba Music

Every Saturday and Sunday the city closes 5a avenida norte, better known as Calle del Arco, to all traffic. Only allowing people …


Marimba Sculpture

Here’s a marimba sculpture found in Santo Domingo del Cerro representing Guatemala’s national musical instrument. How you like it? He aquí una …


Play it with Pride (Part IV)

Hey, what did you say about us? With this one-of-kind humorous image I wave goodbye to the Wear it and Play it …


Play it with Pride (Part I)

Regardless of how I may feel about the marimba, this instrument and its waling sound are very important to Guatemalans all over. …


Marimba Orquesta Chicken Bus Ave Lira

Like Manolo said, with Marimba music as the background for many parties and celebrations around La Antigua Guatemala and the rest of the country, I can almost smell the pine needles under my feet and the tamales and ponche (fruit punch) in the air. Oh what memories… sometimes I even wish I could like this type of music. 🙁


Marimba Chicken Bus and Church of San Pedro

Well, well, what we have here… what’s up with that, why are Guatemalans so enchanted with the infamous chicken bus. I mean what makes Guatemalans take on the crappy junk and retired school buses from up north and give them a second life as public transit chicken bus, mobile libraries chicken bus and now as a marimba orquesta mobile unit chicken bus.