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Real Guatemala: Los Policías

Alright, we will finish the first part of the Real Guatemala series with portrait of two police officers who were deployed during …


Real Guatemala: El campesino

The land belongs to those that work it with their own hands. —Emiliano Zapata La tierra es de quien la trabaja con …


Real Guatemala: Los albañiles

Of course, we can not leave out the albañiles, construction workers, from a series about the Real Guatemala. I don’t know if …


Real Guatemala: El Zapatero

Here’s a Guatemalan idiom for your ever-increasing Spanish vocabulary: “zapatero, a tus zapatos” Ne sutor ultra crepidam — “Let the shoemaker venture …


Real Guatemala: The Acolytes

We continue the Real Guatemala series with some Spanish words for your ever-increasing Spanish vocabulary. First acólitos, that’s the closes translation for …