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Spinning in Antigua Guatemala

I guess I am drawn unconsciously to repetitive patterns. With spinning in La Antigua Guatemala once again I show several kinds of …


Antigua Styled Water Fountains

This is another perspective to the Flowers and Fountains post from a week ago. In today’s photo I focused tightly and managed …


Arches Are Us

El Palacio de los Capitanes building has to be one of my favorites edifices with lots of arches; and you know I …


Architectonic Details: Beams

Last time I talked about repetition, repetition, repetition, I mentioned that capturing repetition was very desirable in photography. Well, photographing repetition is …


Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Photography 101: capture repetition. Well, photographing repetition is not difficult in La Antigua Guatemala; quite the opposite. This is a simple image …