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Arches at Ruins of La Merced

If you haven’t visited the ruins of La Merced, you are missing out in one the most charming and unique ruinas of …


Arches R Us

Here’s a simple photograph of arches captured inside Ruinas de Santa Clara, Antigua Guatemala. Nearly 9 years ago I started sharing with …

The aesthetics of abandonment by Rudy Girón

The aesthetic of abandonment

If there ever it was a place where abandonment looks good that would be La Antigua Guatemala, which by the way is …


San Agustín Ruins by Night

I believe this is the second time I share a photo of Ruinas de San Agustín with you guys. Interesting enough, both …


Amantes a La Antigua

Do you believe this couple will also record their names interlocked inside a heart as proof their present love?


Las Capuchinas Ruins Stairway

The Convento de Las Capuchinas is among the best preserved ruins in La Antigua Guatemala. Every nook and cranny of Las Capuchinas …


Santa Clara Ruins Garden

The Santa Clara ruins is among the most popular wedding destination venues. And even if folks don’t decide to celebrate inside Santa …


Portal to An Ancient World

The whimsical, timeless allure of La Antigua’s colonial architecture, peacefully protected ruins and cobbled streets is a common theme of which I’ll …


Escaping to Another Era

Michele Woodey already so eloquently described the emotions La Antigua’s ruins evoke. In her Antigua Abstracted #3 post she wrote: “These are places …


A Weekend At the Ruins With the Family

Many Guatemalan families take advantage of the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere surrounding the church, convent and monastery ruins around La Antigua Guatemala …


Dramatic Illumination of San Agustí­n Ruins

In the photo above, you can see the San Agustí­n ruins in the foreground, the Moon in the background and Venus between the two. Today’s night photo is to follow up my entry of Dramatic Illumination of Ruins and Historic Buildings with a better example. Back in June 3rd, I mentioned that many ruins and historic buildings in La Antigua Guatemala get a light bath a key places with spot light as to emphasize and to add drama to building that might not look impressive during the day. You now can see what a big difference a tripod can make when taking photos at night.