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Ubi's Asian Mixed Ceviche by Rudy Giron

Ubi’s Asian Mixed Ceviche

Certainly the only dishes that you can find everywhere you go in Guatemala are Ceviche and Chow Mein. That, in my humble …


Ubi’s Ceviche

Last week Jonathan Gold from LA Weekly and Evan Kleinman host of KCRW’s Good Food program did a review of La Cevicheria, …


The Best Ceviche in the World

This is the Vuelve a la vida seviche (Come back to life ceviche) from the Blanqui Sevicheria in Escuintla City, a town about 40 minutes from La Antigua Guatemala. I know Manolo, Guy, Pirata Cojo, El Canche and other will have fond memories and things to say about this ceviche photo. Let their comments come…

Shrimp Ceviche in Antigua

Ceviche is very popular food in America. There are many ways to prepare it and there are many recipes per countries. The …