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Watching the Colossal Hunahpú

The colossal volcano that stands to the south of Antigua Guatemala is known at present as Volcán de Agua, but before it …


Above and Beyond the Clouds

Can you have too many shots of La Antigua Guatemala’s volcanoes? I think not. This one was taken from the rooftop view …


Volcan de Agua with a White Cap

Without the least intention of bragging (sure, Rudy, whatever you say), I would like to share with you our window view from …


A Room with a View

The view above of Volcán de Agua is from our studio’s window and balcony. I said before, in many listings for rent …


Arch-framed Volcán de Agua

Yesterday’s shot of the Arch of Santa Catalina was taken from the South looking towards the North, with the main dome of …



Peak-a-boo! Boy, today was for sure a good day to be on a tree since the land kept on shaking all day …


I wish you were sitting here

For a long time I did not want to take the same shots from Antigua Guatemala that everybody else does. Also, I …


Clouds and Water Volcano in Harmony

Volcanoes and clouds have a harmonious relationship. Often you see volcanoes surrounded by clouds. It looks like volcanoes have magnetism which attracts …


Volcán de Agua Wallpaper

Here’s another wallpaper for your desktop as an appreciation for a donation someone made today towards the hosting bills. Thanks! I know …


Little gray boxes on the hillside, Little gray boxes made of ticky-tacky

Anyhow, what’s got Little boxes to do with today’s entry. Well, once you listen to Little boxes or Las Casitas del Barrio Alto, you’d know it is impossible to get them out of your head. In a recent trip to México over the weekend we took the new road Carretera 14 to reach the highway that takes us to Southeast México. Carretera 14 is part of the road which will circumvent La Antigua Guatemala and some of the villages. In other words, Carretera 14 is the backbone for what will be the periférico around La Antigua Guatemala. Carretera 14 is also one the most beautiful stretches of road in Guatemala.


It is Sunday and I figure, a nice mellow and tranquil image might be the recipe for a slow day. I want …

Antigua’s backstreets

Antigua’s backstreets, originally uploaded by rudygiron. If you find yourself on the outskirts of Antigua, for sure you will be next to …