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Best coffee in the world

Best coffee in the world, originally uploaded by rudygiron. We produce the best coffee in the world: coffee from Antigua. I said …

Antigua Coffee Workshops by Rudy Giron

Antigua Coffee Workshops

What happens when you get together a few passionate coffee lovers? A coffee workshop, of course. Soon enough you will be able …

Guatemalan Coffees Are Truly Green

Today, I continue learning about the Guatemalan coffees. In the past I have mention how I thought coffee plantations were beneficial for …

Guatemalan Coffee Trivia

Here are some random facts, bits and trivia about Guatemalan coffee I have been collecting for a while: The average price for …

Coffee Tables, literally!

Here is one more entry for the Only in LAG. Leave it to the creative people of La Antigua Guatemala to produce …

Guatemalan Style Coffee Satchel

This satchel is perfect for coffee lovers. This satchel is made by recycling of the coffee sacks used for carrying whole coffee …

Time to harvest the coffee in La Antigua Guatemala

So what makes La Antigua Guatemala the best coffee in the world? To get the best cup of coffee of the world, one must start with the right altitude; somewhere above 1,500 meters above the sea level; add lots of fertile volcanic soil; mix in plenty of rain (about six months); stable temperate weather (about 75˚ F / 25˚ C); once you have the above, make sure you plant the best possible Arabica coffee.

Café Y tu Piña También plus WIFI

Boy oh boy, bagels, English muffins, exotic pastries, all the cookies in the rainbow, the best coffee and Wi-Fi internet access can almost make you forget you are in a Spanish colonial town embedded between coffee plantations, flower farms and volcanoes in the central mountain range of this tiny banana baby-exporting republic known as Guatemala.

VII Summit of First Ladies of Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic

Basically, the first ladies want to promote strategies in favor of the women of the region. If you ask me, this sounds to generic and broad to be taken seriously as a plan to better the situation of women in Central America. They could’ve taken a look at my entry of Guatemalan Women & Killer’s Paradise for two concrete campaigns for their agenda: The elimination of violence against women and solid plans to end the femicides and to bring the killers to justice. But then again, this would not be a suitable agenda to discuss for some fine first ladies while drinking the best coffee of world while staying at the only five stars hotel in La Antigua Guatemala, right?

Guatemalan Sweet Bread Sampler – One Year Anniversary

What about the Guatemalan Sweet Bread?
Oh yeah, I am rambling again. In the photo above you see one of things Guatemalans abroad miss the most: Sweet Guatemalan Bread. I have talked about cutting a cake for this anniversary, but then I decided to shared the poor Guatemalans alternative: La Torta, this huge sweet bread, takes the place of the cake for many Guatemalan families. Also, as suggested by some friends, I decided to include other pieces of the Guatemalan sweet bread repertoire for all those chapines abroad. In Guatemala, we dip the bread in the coffee, as described by Manolo in LD’s entry about Miss Manners International. Since Manolo can not find champurradas (the flat tortilla-like bread in the picture) in Toronto, he dips his cookies in the coffee. I hope you don’t get grossed out by my dipping the bread in the coffee; I am doing it for the full impact on those Guatemalans who live abroad and visit this site infrequently.

The sweet Guatemalan bread in this picture comes from a very popular bakery in La Antigua Guatemala by the name of San Antonio, which stills uses brick ovens and wooden logs. The bread is baked freshly twice a day and with the best recipes from La Antigua Guatemala, the culinary capital of Guatemala. Sweet bread dipped in a cup of the best coffee in the world (from Antigua, of course), what else can you ask from life?