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Centenaria Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Francisco Marroquín by Rudy Giron

School Year Cycle in Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s school year begins in January and end in October. So even though in many places of …

Back to the Guatemalan School Year 2008

Public schools are free in Guatemala, minus some administrative fees. But, everything you need for school is not free; you need to buy a every single pencil and sheet of paper as well as any book or notebook, cuaderno in Spanish.

In the picture above, we can see parents with their children making the queues to purchase all the necessary school supplies at Librerí­a Castillo in La Antigua Guatemala; librerí­a is the Spanish term for bookstore or stationary store.

Open Schools: Computer Workshops

Oh there is a revolution brewing down South in Meso-America. This revolution will not be televised. This revolution will be streamed! Let …

Dog School in Antigua

The reason the photo above brought memories back from an old forbidden song in Latin America was the lyrics of Las casas de cartón (the carton houses) which had something about dog schools where the canine were given education so they don’t bite the newspapers… but I rather leave you with part of the lyrics and the song below it.

Women’s Meeting in Central Park

A group of women met at Parque Central to discuss how expensive all the útiles escolares (school supplies) are for this coming school year and to pass tips on where to get the best prices. Just like Black Wizard says, school supplies should also be free.

Parade of Insol in Antigua Guatemala

Parades in Antigua Guatemala

I have to declare parades in La Antigua Guatemala as the second most popular activity after processions, of course. You are as …

Boyhood in Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Boyhood in Guatemala

We recently watched the film Boyhood, one of the film with more nominations and awards and a good contender for the Oscars. …

The Maya and Smartphones

Several times I have covered the usage of technology by the Maya of Guatemala, either here in the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto or …