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Red Wall Lit

We finish our little mini night photography tour with this simple image of a red wall and sign illuminated by a lamp. …

Classic Lamps

Guess, just a simple guess… Do you recall the place on the images? If so, what were you doing there? text and …

Antigua-styled Lamp

Not much to say about this simple image, except I really like the light peeking through. Also, I like the play between …

Farol or farolito

Details, details, details. There are so many different street lamps or faroles, as they are known in Spanish, in La Antigua Guatemala …

Santo Restaurante Lounge Sign

I said it before, but I repeat it now: I could go on forever photographing the never-ending supply of signs around Antigua. …

Antigüeño Shadows

I know I have a problem… what can I say, I like to photograph shadows. Shadow Casting Lamp and Before Sunset in …

La Peña de Sol Latino Sign

Sol Latino is a band that plays mostly Andean and Latin American music. For a long time Sol Latino wonder around the different venues and bar/restaurant circuit in La Antigua Guatemala. Eventually, they managed to get an investor to open up a restaurant-bar so they could have their own stage where to play every night. La Peña de Sol Latino became their home base; thus, they needed to wonder no more.

Corner Detail of Spanish-tile Roof and Street Lamp

I will let you in a little secret: I was caught taking the photo of the watchers (the guard and the photographer) so I pretended I was not taking their photo, but rather they were actual visual noise on my attempt to capture the street lamp, the stop sign and the roof detail. It worked, they continued their voyeuristic activities and so did I. Boy oh boy, the things I do for you guys!

Alto, Watch Me

Have I told you about my sign fetish… I don’t know if a cure exist for this sing disorder, but for sure La Antigua Guatemala signs do not help; there are SO MANY of them.

Do you know the etymology of fetish? If not you can find in this site… go happy h

Shadow casting lamp

Normally a lamp is design to cast light, but I found a lamp that casts shadows. I know, it is lame excuse …