Maya women walking back home at El Hato Antigua Guatemala

This is the End: Maya women walking back home

There are now 5,400 posts in the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto, organized neatly in reverse chronological order, by category order and by hash tags. This is the largest multimedia resource in English about the Guatemalidad or the Guatemalan identity, traditions and culture. I have tried to cover just about everything I have come across in these +16 years…

Happy Holidays Wishes from Antigua Daily Photo

The color red is the official color of Nochebuena and Navidad in Guatemala and nothing exemplifies this better than the Pascua plants, poinsettia flowers… TAP to read the entire post and see the full size photo.

Dry Season’s Cloudscapes

In Antigua Guatemala the dry season is known for its dramatic cloudscapes, celajes in Spanish, at sunrise and sunset. One of the …

Lunch With a View

How was it, a room with a view or a lunch with a view? Well, here it was lunch with a panoramic …

Kites flying over the graveyards of Guatemala

It’s Kite Season in Guatemala

The chilly winds blowing from the true north create the conditions for flying colorful kites over the skyline of Guatemala. Come and …

Get a PRINT of Antigua Guatemala's Volcanic Skyline

Antigua Guatemala’s Volcanic Skyline

If you would like to decorate your home or office with images of Fuego, Agua or Acatenango or give a special gift, get high quality prints from your favorite photographs found in my gallery of the colossal volcanoes! TAP to see all the volcano pictures.

Antigua Guatemala's Skyline: Volcán de Fuego

Antigua Guatemala’s Skyline: Volcán de Fuego

The always erupting Fuego volcano can be found in the southwest of the skyline of Antigua Guatemala. Next to Fuego is the two craters of Acatenango volcano. As I said yesterday, one never gets tired fo these skyline vistas. Enjoy!

Portrait of the Ambulant Coffee Vendors

Portrait of the Ambulant Coffee Vendors

These ambulant coffee vendors will bring a delicious cup of cappuccino, mocaccino or black coffee to your favorite bench at Parque de La Union, La Merced or Parque Central. Three choices with or without sugar; that is it. Make sure to patronize these ingenious ambulant vendors on your next visit to Antigua Guatemala… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Ambulant Coffee Vendors in Antigua Guatemala

Ambulant Coffee Vendors in Antigua Guatemala

Life begins after coffee and these three fellows know it; that’s way they have this thriving business of ambulant coffee vendors. A cup of black coffee will set you back Q5 or about US$0.65 and a cup of cappuccino or mocaccino sells for Q10. Come back tomorrow if you want to see the faces of these ingenious ambulant coffee vendors.

Hibiscus Flower and Dramaticly-lit Ruins of the Jesuit Society in Antigua Guatemala.

Hibiscus Flower and Dramaticly-lit Ruins

I decided to place the vibrant hibiscus flowers [rosa de jamaica] in the foreground and and dramaticly-lit ruins as backdrop. I made several shots switching for the focal point from the flowers to the ruins as well making horizontal and vertical orientation version… TAP to see the full size photos and post.

Framing Fuego's Fumaroles

Framing Fuego’s Fumaroles

As I have mentioned before, there are so many ways to frame the eruptions of Volcán de Fuego towering over Antigua Guatemala. Today’s is just one more take on the framing theme for Fuego eruptions. Enjoy!

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Helados Cool

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Helados Cool

We continue our mini series of of handmade signs of Antigua Guatemala with this wooden and metal sign for Helados Cool. How much creativity one can find in the handmade signs of this enchanting town, don’t you agree?

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Coco Bambu

Handmade Sign from Antigua Guatemala — Coco Bambu

I believe this is the wooden sign for a Guatemalan Caribbean-Garífuna restaurant located on 6a avenida norte. I still haven’t try their food, but it is on my list for the Friday’s Foodie Spots. Stay tuned!

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight by Rudy Giron

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight

At the end of a recent afternoon photo walk I ended by the parque central and while sitting down to reply back to pending messages and emails, the light were turned on and the already nice ambience at the main square became beautiful. I made this shot of one of the mermaids from Fuente de las Sirenas from my mobile office, I mean the bench I was sitting at. Enjoy!

Altamira Photo Shoots with Rudy Giron

Tik Tokers of the World Unite in Altamira, Antigua Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, up the hills of the northern villages of Antigua Guatemala one can spend a day or two in Tik Tok and Instagram heaven with so many amazing shooting spots with giant butterflies, sculptures, giant hands floating into the air pointing the colossal volcanoes guarding Antigua Guatemala and much more… TAP to see the full size photo and post. 

Mayan Pottery Vendor

Mayan Ceramic Pottery Vendor

During a recent street photography walk we came across Teresita, a lovely grandmother selling Mayan ceramic pottery at a corner. We asked …