Starbucks Coffee Finally Opened in Antigua Guatemala

After so many years, probably decades, Starbucks Coffee was able to open their first coffee house in Antigua Guatemala; it is the 1,500th coffee shop in Latin America according to their press release.

What are your thoughts about the new Starbucks Coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala?

Of course, another coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala is incredible when we probably have 70 coffee shops or more; it’s hard to keep up with the opening of every new shop. In fact, I should do a mini series this week to cast a light in some of the other new coffee shops that have opened their doors recently. Stay tuned to catch some of the new coffee houses in town.

By the way, I made this image during a recent Antigua Photo Shoot where I wanted to incorporate the shades of the color red and the blue sky with Volcán de Agua in the background.

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