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PHOTO STOCK: Antigua Guatemala's Most Popular Colors by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala’s Most Popular Colors

I would venture to say that these two colors are the most often used to paint the façades of houses and buildings through out this enchanting town… TAP to see the full photo and the official Cartilla del Color of La Antigua Guatemala.

PHOTO STOCK: Antigua Guatemala Wall Textures

Antigua Guatemala Wall Textures

This house is the newest textured wall found in Antigua Guatemala. As I have said before, because the high levels of humidity …


Colors of Antigua Guatemala

When was the last time you walked through these streets? Question for you guys. I have been considering creating a quarterly photographic …


Antigua Blues

What is your favorite shade of Guatemalan blue? Come on, are you going to tell us?

Colorful Bar in Antigua Guatemala

We finish this week’s mini series of beautiful spots in Antigua Guatemala with picture of a colorful bar adorned with exotic flowers. …

Korean Decor in Antigua Guatemala

I never get tired of recommending people to enter every shop, restaurant, hotel, building with public access in Antigua Guatemala to find …

Antigua Guatemala Color Palette

The official color palette endorsed and enforced by the Consejo Nacional para la Protección de La Antigua Guatemala, CNPAG, the national protection …