Guatemalan Kites For Sale

Guatemalan Kites by Rudy A. Girón

I remember that when I was a kid my friends and I made these kind of kites from scratch; barriletes we call them here. Kids nowadays have it easy, just buy them, but they don’t know that half of the fun was building your own since you have to take a field trip with your friends to find the baritas (sticks) and cook the engrudo (glue) from zero. Of course, when you build your own kites, you can make them anyway you please so long as them fly. Believe me, by the time we got to the nearest open space, we had already have had so much fun. I am pretty sure this still holds true for many kids living villages around Guatemala.

I have said it before, but I repeat it again here: Guatemalans can not make anything if it’s not bright and colourful, don’t you agree?

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