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Typical Guatemalan Kite Shop by Rudy Giron -

Typical Guatemalan Kite Shop

So, here’s a typical Guatemalan kite shop found in most villages. The kites are sold for Q1, Q2, Q5 and Q10 for …

Kite Season Decoration by Rudy Giron -

Kite Season Decoration

The kite season is upon us already so it comes as no surprise to see Guatemalan kites being used as decorations. Through …

Guatemalan Kites For Sale

I remember that when I was a kid my friends and I made these kind of kites from scratch; barriletes we call …

Guatemalan Kites As Decoration

Through October and November you can find many businesses using Guatemalan kites as decoration. Last year I showed you some colorful giant …

The Catcher of the Kites

Soon enough the electric wires become adorned with kites, lots of kites. See kite flying and the Guatemalan electric wire webs just don’t get along. One serves as trap for the other.

Mickey Mouse Kite

Cross-culturization is happening so fast that Guatemala may seemed foreign to those Guatemalans who have lived a few years outside its borders. Walt Disney figures and just about any comic hero like Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, et-cetera are being absorbed by the popular culture and mixed with their own traditional icons like kites and parades for town fairs. But this cross-culturization is happening at all levels and not only with U.S. trivial merchandise, but with Mexican culture, music, food, novelas (soap operas), et-cetera. For instance, a few year back, I took a photograph of menu board in Panajachel, Lake Atitlán, which advertised the Desayuno Chapí­n (Guatemalan breakfast) with eggs a la Mexican style

Kites On Sale

The Guatemalan word for kite is barrilete. Papalote is the most often heard word in Spanish for kite, but in Guatemala barrilete is what people use. The kites on sale at this convenience store or tienda are Q2/$.25. The kite that the little boy was holding yesterday was bought from this store.