I’m Ready to Fly!

Listo para volar

With November come the strong winds (Vientos fuertes would say Miguel Ángel Asturias). With the strong winds come the kites. With the kites come the celebrations of the day of the dead and all saints day. With the day of the dead celebrations comes the fiambre, the food to share with our dead. Stay tune for background information on the kite flying rituals and its meaning.

Also with November comes my first collective photographic exposition. That is right, yours truly will be participating with other Guatemalan photographers in a photo exhibit on November 8 at Rocí­o Quiroa Gallery in Guatemala City. If you happen to be in Guatemala next week, we will be delighted if you can join us to see all the different visions of this tiny banana republic. Below you can see the official invitation created by Iván Castro with a photograph by Javier Uclés.

Guatemala, visiones differentes

Post cards request update: Cathy from Saint Louis sent her post card on the 22nd of October and today was already in the post office box. It arrived in Guatemala City on October 26. This is one of the fastest deliveries just yet. Thanks Cathy for you post card and your description of St. Louis Missouri. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please do read the entry Postscript.

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  • a cute child.

  • Pues when I see a picture like this I don’t understand why you say La Antigua is not Guatemala… I think all that is Guatemalan is reflected in the photograph. Some sort of “Aleph” of pure chapín ethos.

  • So neat! I didn’t know there was a ritual about kite flying. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  • me trajo recuerdos de mi niñez esa foto, cuando ya estaba uno de vacaciones escolares y mi viejo venia con un barrilete a la casa por los dias de noviembre, con el viento espeso fuerte, frio y muy divertido….

  • Patsy, yes he is.

    Manolo, well how can I say it… this is not La Antigua Guatemala; it is San Pedro Las Huertas. 🙁

    Lessie, I guess you will have to come back to read up on this crazy rituals.

    Pavlo, pues no sólo te trae recuerdos a vos… a mí también.

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  • You said it Rudy… I should’ve known… hey what is with the red/pink tones? are you playing around with your palette?