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PHOTO STOCK: Repainting The Speed Bumps

Repainting The Speed Bumps

Over the weekend these newly installed speed bumps were painted with bright yellow and black paint; as it is the usual the …


Street Light of Antigua Guatemala

Here’s your illustrated Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Luminarias for street lights. Do you notice some odd along all the street …


Winter is coming!

You better make your way to Antigua Guatemala to enjoy the Fall and Winter light and colors and our temperate weather. Today …

Pandemic Sights: Empty Streets

Pandemic Sights: Empty Streets

Another common sight of this pandemic is empty streets; especially with the reduced mobility regulations we are experiencing in Guatemala. Depending on …

Stray dog crossing a cobblestone street in Colonial Town BY RUDY GIRON

Almost a Ghost Town

I could have never imagined desolate streets during the most important week of the year: the Holy Week of Antigua Guatemala, how …


Cul-de-Sacs in Antigua Guatemala

Believe it or not, cul-de-sac streets are not common in Antigua Guatemala. I believed you could only find them in gated neighborhoods, …