Framed Street from Antigua Guatemala

Framed Street from Antigua Guatemala

It is difficult to frame a shadow, especially if it’s moving, but it can be done. Now, if you had asked me to frame an entire street, I would have said, sorry, it can’t be done. Well, I guess I was wrong; an entire street can be framed. 😉

Today’s image is more inline with what I set out to do when I first open doors in May 1st, 2006: photograph the over-exposed Antigua Guatemala in a new perspective, under a different light (break the rules if necessary), show its people as much as possible (all of them), focus on the details, don’t forget about the colorful food; in other ways, find a different and unfamiliar Antigua Guatemala.

Boy, how pretentious and naive I was and how difficult it is to find something new under the sun of La Antigua Guatemala. I have to be content if every once in a blue moon I can discover an out of the ordinary perspective.

I am sorry to disappoint you! 🙁

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