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Jocón, The Green Mayan Curry

Jocón is Guatemala’s most famous green stew. We could also call it green mole if we use the wide definition of the …

Coffee Still Life by Rudy Giron

Coffee Trivia from Guatemala

The first time we “officially” drunk coffee in Guatemala was in 1743 for the celebration of the conversion of the Catedral de …

Antigua Sandwich Week: Choripán by Rudy Giron

Antigua Sandwich Week: Choripán

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Choripán for Argentine sausage sandwich. There’s a little bistro in the zaguán of Casa …


Street Foods — Charbroiled Meats

Guatemalans love charbroiled meats; that’s why you see street vendors selling carnes asadas everywhere you go in Guatemala. Here’s a vendor selling …


Guatemalan ponche for Christmas

Guatemalan ponche, fruit punch is the most popular drink for the Christmas season. The fruit punch above was prepared from package from …


Guatemalan Food: Iguana

The Guatemalan gastronomy can be very exotic at times. Iguana prepared with tomato and chile sauce as shown here, with black tortillas …


Guatemalan Food — Chilaquilas

Guatemalan chilaquilas [spelled chilaquiles sometimes] are a simple and economic dish, a staple of the Guatemalan gastronomy. The most common ingredient is …