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Guatemalan Cookies: Champurradas

Champurrada is the closest thing to cookies for everyone. They are sweet, tasty, crunchy and inexpensive. Champurradas are flat sweet bread found …

© Guatemalan Fruits: Mangostín by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Fruits: Mangostín

Here are your Spanish words of the day: Mangostán, mangostino, mangostín and mangosto are variations for Mangosteen. The Times They Are A-Changin’ …

© Guatemalan Food: Patín by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Food: Patín

Patín is quite possibly the most popular food found around the villages in Lake Atitlán. Hardly ever we can find patín in …

© Guatemalan Basket Food: Bledo by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Basket Food: Bledo

Here’s your Spanish word of the day: Bledo or amaranth. Bledo, chipilín, macuy, iguashte are part of the comidas de canasta, basket …

"© Guatemalan Charbroiled Sausages by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Charbroiled Sausages

As I have shared with you before, Guatemalans love the grilled meats, especially charbroiled meats. Of course, sausages are a favourite when it comes to charcoal grilled meats. This picture is shows a sampling of morcilla [blood sausage], longaniza [white sausage] and chorizo [red sausage]. The most popular sausages eaten in Guatemala are longanizas and chorizos; they are an integral part of the shuco hot dogs and tortillas con sausages and chirmol. What’s your favourite Guatemalan charbroiled meat?

© Guatemalan Fruits: Nance by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Fruits: Nance

The nances are in season in Guatemala now. Nance is the Guatemalan name for Byrsonima crassifolia, found in North America as yellow …

The Buñuelo Transaction © Rudy Giron

The Buñuelo Transaction

As I mentioned yesterday, Cuaresma [Lent] has street food that is sold at the booths outside the church where the velación, vigil, …