Try the Guatemalan Shrimp Ceviche and Picosita Beer


The first Guatemalan food I shared with you guys was shrimp ceviche; back in May 14, 2006. Of course, ceviche is one of the most popular foods found through out Guatemala; thus there are over dozen posts on the different variations of ceviche found in and around Antigua Guatemala.

Today, I also share with you the most popular drink that is often pair with ceviche, picositas, stingy hot beers. By the way, according the the story printed on Hugo’s Ceviche, picositas were invented in Antigua Guatemala by Hugo. Picositas are very popular all over Guatemala. Picositas are basically a beer with Worcestershire sauce, lime juice and salt and hot chili pepper mixed it.

You can find this shrimp ceviche and picosita beer at Hugo’s Ceviche, located on 7a calle poniente. ¡Buen provecho!

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