Let Lent Season Begin

Here’s you Spanish word of the day: Cuaresma or Lent. Once again, from the early morning reports started to pour in, around …


Guatemalan Carnival Eggshells

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Cascarón for eggshell. What do we do with cascarones? Well, young people (i.e. children …


Bella Vista Baristas

Well well, well if you think baristas are all men, then you got it wrong. As you can see here, the baristas …

Coffee Still Life by Rudy Giron

Coffee Trivia from Guatemala

The first time we “officially” drunk coffee in Guatemala was in 1743 for the celebration of the conversion of the Catedral de …


The Pointy Crater of Fuego Volcano

If I may say so myself, what a magnifican photographic tour of the volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango you can find in the nearly ten years of archived posts of AntiguaDailyPhoto; check it for yourself and let me know your thoughts.


Vecino Antigüeño and Visitante Frecuente Parking Stickers

Starting around the second or third week of January, the Municipalidad de La Antigua Guatemala, city hall government, begins extending the “Vecino Antigüeño” [Antiguan Neighbor] and “Visitante Frecuente” [frequent visitor] windshield stickers.

The Exhibitionist Fuego

The last few months, starting with the dry season, have been months of high volcanic activity for Fuego volcano, the most exhibitionist …

What’s Are Kaibiles?

Here are some bits and pieces I found on Wikipedia: The Kaibiles (singular: Kaibil) are a special operations force of the Military …

Antigua Photo Walks Paparazzi

Antigua Photo Walks Paparazzi

That’s right, we can be a paparazzi mob during the Antigua Photo Walks that I lead around town whenever we encounter a …

Antigua Sandwich Week: Choripán by Rudy Giron

Antigua Sandwich Week: Choripán

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Choripán for Argentine sausage sandwich. There’s a little bistro in the zaguán of Casa …