Lunch With a View

How was it, a room with a view or a lunch with a view? Well, here it was lunch with a panoramic view. This lunch was had at El Hato village in Antigua Guatemala.

As I have explained before, caldo de patas stock or stew is made with muscles and bones from the lower legs of either pork or cow, as well as belly, head and other such entrails along with potatos, carrots, güisquil (chayote), elote (maize/corn) and ayote or chilacayote (squash and/or sweet squash). The caldo de patas can be blanco or rojo (white or red); the red takes its color from tomatoes and chiles primarily.

Caldos (stocks or stews) are among the most popular dishes from the Guatemalan gastronomy. I believe most of caldos have pre-Columbian origins yet today they represent the syncretism of the New World with touches of the Old World. Caldos are also quite possibly some of the best remaining samples of the Mayan cuisine.

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