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PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Bread — Lengua and Mollete

Guatemalan Sweet Bread: Lenguas

How about some premium Guatemala coffee with some delicious sweet bread. Did you know it is common practice in Guatemala to dunk …

PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Chicharrones and Carnitas with Avocado and Chojin

Weekend Guatemalan Comfort Food!

How about some delicious Guatemalan chicharrones and carnitas with freshly cut avocados and chojín radish salad? Anyone anyone? Deep fried costillas [ribs], …

PHOTOS STOCK: Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Mandarinas for tangerines. Today I share with you a simple daily life vista to …

Recipe for Ayote en Miel

Recipe for Ayote en Miel

As I have said before, ayote en miel is among the most popular desserts for Día de Todos los Santos (Feast of …

PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Food — Revolcado Stew

Guatemalan Food — Revolcado

As I have mentioned before, revolcado is another popular Guatemalan stew found in the daily special menus of the diners in Guatemala. …

Fresh fruit ambulant vendors BY RUDY GIRON

Fresh fruit ambulant vendors

In Antigua Guatemala snack time can be quite healthy if you buy fresh fruits or nuts from the ambulant vendors. Of course, you can always hit a tiendita a buy Tortrix [corn chips], Papalinas [potato chips] or Doritos and soda. The choice is yours.

What’s your favorite snack from the options shown in this basket?