The Best Breakfast Burrito in the World is from Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Best Breakfast Burrito in the World

This is the best breakfast burrito in the world; I can’t believe it is from Antigua Guatemala! —Ben, Denver, Colorado

This was the exclamation I heard as I was enjoying my own breakfast burrito and I could only agreed. Randy’s, world famous for its crafted home-made sausages and hot dogs has a new hit on the menu. I haven’t tried all the breakfast options, but other people were quite happy with what they were eating as well the morning I visited.

So what’s inside the best breakfast burrito of the world? For starters, these burritos are huge, probably a pound of more of combined sautéed fresh veggies, sliced onions and bell peppers, Portuguese sausage, two kinds of shredded cheese and scrambled eggs. It’s served with guacamol, avocado sauce, and pico de gallo plus all you can drink coffee.

I am so ready to have another breakfast burrito this week, who wants to join me?

One more thing. We continue the 30-day count down to 12th anniversary of Antigua Daily Photo on May 1st, 2018. That’s twelve years of daily photographic updates from Antigua Guatemala; thus becoming the largest resource in English about everything Guatemala in the process.

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