Foodie Alert: Salvadoran Pupusas in Antigua Guatemala

Foodie Alert: Salvadoran Pupusas in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Some people erroneously believe that pupusas are only a dish from El Salvador. In one way or another the food known as pupusas can be found in Mexico and Central America. You could argue that arepas are a kind of pupusas. In fact, you browse the archives where I have shown you Guatemalan pupusas known simply as tortillas de queso or tortillas de chicharrón, tortillas de… you get the idea.

As I have explained before, pupusas are tortilla-like dish, about the size of CD and made from a mixture of maize dough, cheese and some typical ingreditients like loroco, beans, chicharon, chirozo, et cetera. Pizza Maya is what I called a giant pupusa the first time I introduced them. We can even find black or blue pupusas in Antigua Guatemala. It’s quite common to find pupusas with cheese and loroco, an exotic herb from Central America in El Salvador and sometimes in La Antigua Guatemala, but I had never had pupusas with cheese and mushrooms or cheese and chipilín, another exotic herb/weed from Guatemala.

We could go on and on about pupusas origins and all the different flavors. Although you can find pupusas at many places in Antigua Guatemala, today’s entry is about Salvadoran pupusas options in Antigua Guatemala. El Sapo y La Rana restaurant is still one of my favorite Salvadoran joints in town. El Papaturro restaurant on 2a calle is another popular Salvadoran joint. Pupusas y Antojitos Salvadoreños is another Salvadoran restaurant in Antigua Guatemala with great selection of pupusa flavors. In the picture above you have the following flavors: queso y chicharrón [cheese and pork rinds], champiñones y queso [mushroom and cheese] and margarita [cheese, tomato and basil]. Pupusas y Antojitos Salvadoreños is found on 4a calle oriente, right across from the jade museum. Traditional pupusas are just Q10 and the especiales Q12; no excuses to not give them a try. Bon appetite!

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