Foodie Alert — Authentic Mexican Tacos Al Pastor

Foodie Alert — Tacos Al Pastor  from El Delirio BY RUDY GIRON

For Taco Tuesday I have great news for those who are in Antigua Guatemala and are craving Mexican tacos. Finally we have authentic Mexican tacos al pastor, beef and chicken in Antigua Guatemala and they are delicious!

I know, I know I have said that Guatemala is the worst place to have Mexican food. Well, I remembered I also said that if I ever came across a joint with authentic Mexican food I would share it with you.

Taqueria El Delirio located on 2a calle poniente opened its doors just two weeks ago and it is already creating a loyal following. While I was there three different repeat groups came to have some authentic tacos, most ordered al pastor, but there were a few orders of res [beef] and chicken.

Taqueria El Delirio in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

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