Foodie Alert: Salvadoran-style Caldo de Pata

Foodie Alert: Salvadoran Caldo de Pata by Rudy Giron

Salvadoran gastronomy is very similar to Guatemalan gastronomy, yet they put a twist on dishes found on both countries. Caldo de Pata is one good example of this difference. Caldo de Pata is found as a normal beef stock and as a red soup with cow’s feet and entrails. Salvadoran takes the red soup version adds a touch corn starch or dough plus slightly different vegetables. Both version are quite delicious in my humble opinion.

Salvadoran-style Caldo de Pata can be found on Mondays at El Sapo y La Rana, as shown above, as well as in Pupusas y Antojitos Salvadoreños; highlighted last week with its pupusas. El Sapo y La Rana is located on Alameda Santa Lucía north, beyond 2a calle poniente. Bon appetite!

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