Guatemala is The Ultimate Smoothie Country


Here’s your illustrated Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Licuados for smoothies.

Even though in most of the Spanish-speaking world, people use the word batidos when referring to smoothies, in Guatemala the most common used word is licuados; although often licuados are bit more watery than smoothies.

This is what Laura McNamara wrote about licuados back in 2009:

Sweet. Refreshing. Natural. Licuados are one of those treats that truly define a Guatemalan experience. The blended fruit drinks can be found most anywhere in La Antigua from fancy restaurants to local, hole-in-the-wall comedors… and I absolutely LOVE them. They are nothing more than fruit blended with your choice of water, milk, yogurt and, sometimes, orange juice. Often, sugar is added but I always ask for mine to come “sin azucar.” Usually fruit here in Guate is so perfectly ripe (as you can see from the pics) that any added sweetner would be too much… at least for me. So what is it, exactly, that makes licuados so addictive? KEEP reading….

Any of the smoothies shown above can be had at Unión Café Antigua, although during this pandemic, they are only serving them to go. Unión Café Antigua is located on 6a calle oriente, between 3a and 4a avenida sur. 

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