Chicharrones or Carnitas or Both, that is the question


As I have said before, the world is full of tough decisions. To be or not to be; should I stay or should I go; color or black-&-white; and so on until we get to the decision to either have carnitas or chicharrones or both. Life is tough, don’t you think? Often the best thing to do is go for both and make sure you include guacamol, Guatemalan avocado sauce, and chojín, Guatemalan radish salad.

By the way, a dish of carnitas and chicharrones such as this can be had at Chicharrones and Carnitas Eric, the best place I have found around Antigua Guatemala and the favourite place in the world for chicharrones for chef Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods. I can’t find the reference now on his active feed, but I did read Zimmern’s statement regarding these chicharrones. ¡Buen provecho!

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Andrew Zimmern at Chicharrones y Carnitas Erick, Antigua Guatemala

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