Guatemala is the Origin for the Avocado Toast


Quite possibly the Maya have been eating avocado toasts for millennia or at least as long as they had realized that spreading avocado sauce [guacamol] on top of toasts [tostadas] was quite delicious. Of course, the first toasts were made with maize dough. In fact, these tostadas de guacamol, corn-dough avocado toasts still exists and are the most popular of them all.

Of course, for the modern take or notion of avocado toasts, we had to wait for the arrival of the Spanish in 1492; they brought flour based bread to the Americas. It was only a matter of time before the avocado sauce found its way on top of the toasted bread as a delicious and nutritious spread. I am almost certain that Thomas Gage documented that Guatemalans were eating avocado toasts in his travel logs of the 1600s, right?

So, either way, maize tostadas or bread toasts, millennia or centuries, Guatemala is certainly the origin for one of the most controversial and delicious meals of the 21st century; don’t you agree?


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