Guatemalan Cuisine: Tostadas de Guacamol

Guatemalan Cuisine: Tostadas de Guacamol

These two tostadas de guacamol (avocado sauce tostadas) are for my very good epistolary friends Carmencita and Manolo who decided to follow the white rabbit and now are missing in action. Whoever finds his/her way back first takes the tostadas. You guys are on!

Guatemalan tostadas are nothing like Mexican tostadas, except for the fact that both of them use deep fried or oven toasted tortillas. Guatemalan tostadas are much simpler, yet very tasteful. The exception to simple tostadas is the Enchilada; boy that’s a handful and they should teach in school how to eat one without getting all messy.

I am sure there are many kind of Guatemalan tostadas, but three are the more popular: Tostada de guacamol (pictured above), tostada de salsa (that’s a simple tomato sauce tostada) and tostada de frijoles (that is invariably liquified black beans).

So, you ask, how do make this simple tostadas? Well simple, you start with toasted tostada (man, that’s a trabalenguas), you add the sauce; this could be avocado, tomato or black beans sauce, then you top it with chopped fresh parsley and grated dry cheese (or, it could be fresh cheese) fresh onion rings and chili sauce. Some people may add boiled or steam chopped cabbage which is not sauerkraut like Monolo wrongly pointed out. 😉 See, I remember every single little word you guys say, even if I pretend I am not listening (or reading).

Simple, isn’t it?

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