Let’s Celebrate 16th Years of Daily Life Photographs from Antigua Guatemala and its People

It was on May Day 2006 that I began sharing daily life vistas from Antigua Guatemala at my blog for the colonial city: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com with all of you and the rest of the world. The goal was to show how is daily life in the most emblematic colonial town located in the highlands of northern Central America.

Today, the photographic project AntiguaDailyPhoto.com is 5,845 days old and it hosts as many webpages as days. Along these 16 years AntiguaDailyPhoto has become the largest multimedia resource in English about Guatemala. To me there is no greater satisfaction than to have been given to opportunity to share with you my passion for Antigua Guatemala, Guatemalan culture and history through photography and written stories, to lend a hand whenever possible and to pass along all the interesting trivia I came across. Of course, none of it could had been possible without the support from my girlfriend, family and friends. A big THANK YOU for all your support as well; you know who you are.

Please, let me know your thoughts, I would really like to hear anything, good or bad, about the body of photographic work and information that I have shared with you through the years.

Now, if AntiguaDailyPhoto.com has been useful to you in any way, please INVITE me a beer or a coffee. Cheers!

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