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PHOTO STOCK: Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala's Independence

Happy Bicentennial of Guatemala’s Independence

Today Guatemala and the other Central American countries commemorate the bicentennial of the independence. As part of the no-crowds celebrations, the Banco de Guatemala put in circulation a Commemorative Bicentennial Twenty Quetzals bill… TAP to see the full size photos of the new Q20 bill and to read the complete post.

PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Flag at Real Palacio de La Cultura by RUDY GIRON

Let’s Begin the Bicentennial Celebrations

This week Guatemala and the other countries in Central America will be celebrating their 200th anniversary of Independence. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most massive events will not be allowed. So, Guatemalans are mostly observing the special date with flags, firecracker bombs and fireworks… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

Father's Day in Guatemala

June 17th is Father’s Day in Guatemala

In Guatemala holidays and festivities are not celebrated on the weekend unless that’s date a holiday falls. Today, for instance, we celebrate Día del padre, Father’s Day.

The Magi Day or Día de los Reyes in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Día de los Reyes in Antigua Guatemala

For Día de Reyes or Epiphany we break a piece of bread known as Rosca de Día de los Reyes. Whoever gets the plastic baby placed inside has to pay for the tamales and ponche on Día de la Candelaria, February 2nd, or Groundhog Day. Click through the link to see Rosca de Día de los Reyes…

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala

Since we are talking about the Gigantes, which are used in Dances of the Giants or Baile de los Gigantes, through this link you will find the agenda of activities for The End of the Year Festival at Calle del Arco. Enjoy!

First Antigua Estelar Festival

First Antigua Estelar Festival

As part of the First Antigua Estelar Festival we were treated to a night of music recital, theater, plays, astrology talks, body …

Burning of the Devil 2017 in Antigua Guatemala

No Sympathy for the Devil

All year long he hides under the bed or in the junk piled up in the corner, casting misfortune or worse on …

Guatemalan syncretism knows no limits!

When it comes to popular religious celebrations Guatemalan syncretism knows no limits. Watch these short video clips that include diablos, devils, moros …

Oktoberfest in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Oktoberfest in Antigua Guatemala

Oktoberfest is celebrated in many venues in Antigua Guatemala. Here’s the 2nd Oktoberfest from Chermol, one of the restaurants betting the house …

Día de Santiago Festivities

As every July 25, La Antigua Guatemala, formerly known as La Muy Noble y Muy Leal Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros …

Guatemalan Carnival Eggshells

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Cascarón for eggshell. What do we do with cascarones? Well, young people (i.e. children …

Burning of the Devil Portraits

Burning of the Devil Portraits

El hombre propone, Dios dispone y El Diablo lo descompone. What better way to caption these portraits of strangers at the Burning …

Sympathy for the Devil

Well, not really. See you see all these masks are for parades celebrated through out Guatemala, but prominently at Ciudad Vieja and …

Guatemalan Independence Celebrations

Have A Happy Independence Day everyone! Guatemala has one really strange celebration for the Independence Day festivities: Freedom Torches or Antorchas de …

© Father and sons plying marimba music by Rudy Giron

Happy Guatemalan Father’s Day

As I have mentioned before, in Guatemala we still celebrate holidays on the actual date they happen to fall on. For instance, …

Christmas Fireworks Street Shop

Guatemala’s a pyromaniac hell or paradise, what is it? Since Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are the perfect night for fireworks …

Guatemalan Convivios

December is also the time for convivios, Christmas convivial get-together parties or lunches. Almost every restaurant you go to has tables setup …