Revisited: Sympathy for the Devil

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Sympathy for the Devil

After spending a week at the emergency room of the IGSS hospital, the Devil is back a few broken bones, but ready for the Quema del Diablo this December 7th. He was vandalized by a couple unknown hombres malos the night of November 29th and was taken to the emergency room right away. Not in a million years could El Diablo not be present for the Burning of the Devil, right?

Come back tomorrow if you want to learn more about the Guatemalan celebration of Burning of the Devil.

To learn the art of night photography and the use of speedlight flashes off camera [strobist style] and to create remarkable images after sunset, such as this dramatic portrait of the Devil effigy used during the Quema del Diablo in Antigua Guatemala. We used two off-camera flashes fired with wireless radio triggers to produce the theatrical lighting you see here.

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