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Another Recipient of the Free Portrait Prints Project

Another Recipient of the Free Portrait Prints Project

As I have said many times before, the synergy created by the act of giving prints of the portraits made on the streets is incredible. Giving away these portrait prints is the best gift for me as well as I get… TAP to see the full size photo and post.

PHOTO STOCK: Mayan Ambulant Vendor Selling Hats in Antigua Guatemala

Meet the Mayan Mad Hatter

Let me introduce you to José, Ruth’s son, who is celebrating his 14th birthday today. How lucky am I that I get …


Street Portrait of a Maya Woman

Today I am sharing an impromptu portrait I made while leading a photo walk [pre-pandemic] with a group of Spanish students. The …

PHOTO STOCK: Mayan Matryoshka Portrait

Mayan Matryoshka Portrait

Today’s photo is the portrait of Jenifer holding her Matryoshka portrait print made prior to the pandemic. Jenifer was kind enough to …

BW Portrait of Vanessa Pilon by the Ruins of Santa Isabel in Antigua Guatemala

Allons boire ailleurs: Guatemala

Today I share with you a portrait I made of world-famous Vanessa Pilon from Montreal, a Canadian television presenter and fashion icon, …

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles BY RUDY GIRON

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles

As I have said recently, one of the most satisfying things I have been doing for a couple of years now is giving away free instantaneous prints of the portraits I make of total strangers on the streets while leading the Antigua Photo Walks… tap for full image!