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Today I bring you an update on the Free Portrait Prints Project. Some of you might remember tale behind these portraits I made of three generations of Maya women from Santa María de Jesús a few months back. If not, here’s the summary:

… On my way back from the supermarket, I saw three Mayan women; three generations it turned out, as Grandmother, mother and granddaughter were sitting in front of their avocados and lemons baskets while having lunch; that is the reason they were not wearing masks in the portrait.

The mother recognized me as the photographer who comes to Santa María de Jesús to make portraits and give free prints. When I agreed that it was me that said photographer, she asked if I could make of portrait of them so I could give them a print. After I put away my groceries, I pulled out my ever-present camera; it is true, I always carried a camera with me, and proceeded to make a couple of portraits. Tomasa, the grandmother said that she did not want to have her picture taken, so I only made portraits of the mother and daughter as per their request. See photograph below of the mother and daughter. I showed them the two or three frames I had captured and once they told me they were happy with the images, I was ready to put away the camera when Tomasa told her daughter if I could make a portrait of her with her granddaughter. Even though Tomasa and her granddaughter were very serious and stiff, I was able to pull out their true nature and smiles. Believe me, I never used the word smiles at all during this brief photo session, but what I said to them made them smiled a lot, as you can see in the photograph above.

Needless to say, Tomasa, the grandmother, and her daughter were so happy to receive these portraits three prints, one was kept by her daughter off camera.

The funds to print these portraits come from your donations and a percentage of the Antigua Photo Walks.

If you would like to pitch in $5 or more to help fund this project, click the direct link below:

Free Portrait Prints Project Delivered by RUDY GIRON

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