Antigua Artisan Triptych: The Mayan Weaver

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Antigua Artisan Triptych: The Mayan Weaver

Once again we are visiting the Triptychs of artisans from around Antigua Guatemala series. This time the triptych is made up from three portraits of a Mayan weaver from San Antonio Aguascalientes sharing with us the process of creating the world-famous Guatemalan textiles.

The Mayan textiles is an integral part of the heritage and history of Guatemala. Through the weavings of colourful landscape, flora and fauna, as well as stories, the Maya women have found a way to perpetuare the Maya culture through wearable items; this before it was fashionable.

These portraits of Estela, the weaver, were captured at the Casa Museo del Tejido Antiguo, a great place to learn about weaving and textiles from Guatemala. Stay tuned as the entire week we’ll covering this wonderful museum and shop.

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