Street Portrait of Maya Textile Vendor — Take 1

As I have said previously, one of the things that I share during the Street Photography Walks I lead here in Antigua Guatemala and abroad, is how to approach subjects with respect and engage with honest interest. Often I say that you get out of the streets what you put in. In that respect, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to make portraits of countless people from all walks of life in the over 15 years I have been publishing and maintaining Antigua Daily Photo.

Today I share with you the vibrant colors and timid smile of this Maya ambulant street vendor made a few steps away from Fuente de Las Sirenas at Parque Central.

As it is the case often, initially they were hesitant to pose for my camera. I don’t blame them, often people take their picture without permission and without any interaction.

Once we became acquainted and they have received a couple of prints of my Free Portrait Prints Project, they actually enjoy posing for my camera quite often.

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