Sights of Antigua: Mayan Mother and Daughter Doing a Selfie

Today I share with you the latest addition to my series Portraits of Selfies where I have been capturing people in the act of doing a selfie. Believe it or not, I have quite a few images of the Maya making selfies; so don’t think for a second that the Maya don’t like to be photographed; they just like doing it on their own terms, like everyone else.

Anyhow, I really like how I captured this tender moment between a mother and daughter. After they finished with the selfies and put the smartphone away, I approached and showed them the photograph I made and the mother told me she liked it a lot. I promise to bring back a free portrait print for them. I will make a slightly bigger print so they can frame it at home.

If you would like to pitch in $5 or more to help fund the free portrait print project, click the direct link below:

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