Maya Portraits — A Young Maya Family at Santa Catarina Bobadilla

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Maya Portraits — A Young Maya Family

This portrait of the young part of a Mayan family was made during a private photo walk through the villages of Antigua Guatemala. At first, the young Maya girls didn’t want to collaborate even though the mother, not shown in the picture, was more willing to have some pictures made of the family. So, we walked away to make other photos through the village of Santa Catarina Bobadilla, a couple miles away from Antigua Guatemala. As we were heading out, we encounter the young part of the family at a better location and this time, we only received smiles and cooperation from everyone, including the little girl hiding behind her sister in this photograph.

I call this approach, opening the door. This is just of the many approaches and techniques I share during my private photo walks to help everyone make portraits of strangers regardless of your travel destination. If you would like to book a private photo walk / photo workshop with me, visit

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