Panza Verde Portraits — Doña Gavi

Today I will begin a new series and category: Panza Verde Portraits.

As many of you know, Panza Verde, green belly is the nick name by which people of Antigua Guatemala are known. So, the Panza Verde Portraits will be series to highlight some of the Antigüeños I encounter on my comings and goings.

We start with Gavi from the world-famous La Tienda de Doña Gavi, one of the most photographed storefronts of Antigua Guatemala.

Here I used repetition and leading lines to make Gavi really stand out. Believe it not, this was an impromptu portrait session, less than 30 seconds, as Gavi was getting some change since she had customers waiting at the shop. I gave her the change I had with me and a transit police gave her the rest.

Stay tune for more Panza Verde Portraits!

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