-15 Days to 9th Anniversary: Quinceañera Antigüeña

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Quinceañera Antigüeña at Santa Clara Ruins © Rudy Giron

Here’s your Spanish word of the day: Quinceañera

We’ll begin this 15-day countdown with the picture of this very friendly quinceañera, 15-year-old girl, taken inside the Santa Clara ruins. To understand the importance of the Quinceañera celebration, read the information listed below.

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The Quinceañera, or Quince años (“fifteen years” in English), in Latin American culture, is a coming of age ceremony held on a girl’s fifteenth birthday. The term Quinceaños refers to the birthday of the celebrant, and the term Quinceañera refers to the celebrant herself. Like many other coming-of-age ceremonies, the Quinceaños is associated with the Quinceañera “becoming a lady”.

The celebration carries religious significance for Spanish-speaking Roman Catholics. The celebration begins with a religious ceremony in which the Quinceañera affirms her faith. It is customary for the Quinceañera to receive gifts that are religious in nature, such as a cross or medal, a Bible (prayer book), rosary, or scepter, and these gifts are often a part of the ceremony. (… continue reading at Wikipedia)

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