Impromptu Guatemalan Family Portrait

Impromptu Guatemalan Family Portrait BY RUDY GIRON

I joked with this Guatemalan family that often go to Fat Cat Coffee House to take photos and drink coffee, in Spanish tomar fotos y tomar café, and a second later I was making family portraits. I have known different members of this family for a while now and know about their personal and family enterprises.

I am happy to be trusted to capture such personal and family moments such as this get together at end of the year. This is a family who inspires by the work, ethics and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Online and on the mass media, hardly ever you get to see photos of hard-working and entrepreneurial Guatemalans, so I am happy to be able to share with you portraits of diligent Guatemalans who truly make a difference in Guatemala. I promise I will do many more portraits of such inspiring Guatemalans this year. Stay tuned or better yet, subscribe to receive a notification so you don’t miss a post.

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