Portraits Prints as Presents for This Christmas Season

Portraits as Presents for This Christmas Season BY RUDY GIRON

The synergy created by the act of giving prints of the portraits made on the streets of Antigua Guatemala is incredible. Give it a try next time you can, you’ll be surprised. Giving away these portrait prints is the best gift for me as I receive such wonderful smiles and sólo buenas vibras, only good vibes in the process. I have gained the trust of many people in Antigua Guatemala and other villages by being transparent, respectful, and kind, as well as by giving away prints of their portraits.

The funds to print these portraits come from your donations and a percentage of the Antigua Photo Walks.

If you would like to pitch in $5 for to help fund this project, click the direct link below:

Follow the white rabbit to see other portrait prints given as presents!

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