Portrait Prints as Gifts — Don Jaime

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Street Portraits — Don Jaime

The synergy created by the act of giving prints of the portraits made on the streets of Antigua Guatemala is incredible.

I really enjoy seeing the faces of those who receive a photo print that they were not expecting, weeks or months later after I had made their portraits. The prints are made from my series Antigua Guatemala Street Portraits, a photographic project with over 200 images. I only make print of people I might encounter again or I see often enough.

Today’s image is the portrait of don Jaime holding his candid portrait. I have been acquainted with Jaime for many years now through our joy for photography. Giving away these portrait prints is the best gift for me as I receive such wonderful smiles and sólo buenas vibras, only good vibes in the process.

The funds to print these portraits come from your donations and a percentage of the Antigua Photo Walks.

If you would like to pitch in $5 for to help fund this project, click the direct link below:

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