2016 Slideshow of the Burning of the Devil in Antigua Guatemala

Burning of the Devil in Antigua Guatemala

A few thousand people get together at Barrio de la Concepción in Antigua Guatemala at 6pm on December 7 for the burning the devil and the bad spirits in a cleansing ceremony through the purifying power of fire at the Quema del diablo celebration. For about 10 days the effigy of a female devil, alluring to the first female mayor in 500 years, was creating all kinds of fires as it casted a special kind of light over the municipal and departamental authorities and the Antigua Guatemala society in general. Much to do about nothing, really, yet the mayor of Antigua Guatemala almost got burned.

The origins of the Quema del Diablo in Guatemala can be traced to colonial times. As I have explained in previous years, the idea for the burning of the devil event is to get rid of the evil, the bad spirits, the sour vibes and anything negative that may interfere with the celebrations of Nacimientos (Nativity Scenes), Posadas (Quest for Shelter [Español/English verses]) and Christmas celebration which begin officially with the Feast for the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th.

DISCLAIMER: NO baby devils were hurt during the Quema del Diablo in Antigua Guatemala as you can see in the portrait above.

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