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Antigua Makes Me Happy — Tourist Girls Enjoying Guatemala

Antigua Makes Me Happy — Take 16

During this afternoon’s photo walk, I was teaching how to capture candid pictures of strangers. The woman on the left was giving water …

PHOTO STOCK: Arch of Santa Catalina in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Life Goes On in Antigua Guatemala

I have been contacted by quite a few people with interesting in traveling to Guatemala in the coming months and wanted to know how is life in Antigua Guatemala, how are we coping with the pandemic. This is what I told them… KEEP READING.

The Remains of Semana Santa

The Remains of Semana Santa

Now that the Holy Week is over, we found the purple banners and bags of colored sawdust used in the processional carpets …

Processional Carpets in 2021

As I explained earlier, because of the pandemic, processions and all massive events had been canceled. However, some of the activities were …

PHOTO STOCK: Palm Sunday Bouquets from Antigua Guatemala

Palm Sunday Bouquets

Once again Domingo de Ramos, or Palm Sunday, was observed in Antigua Guatemala. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Semana Santa [Holy …

PHOTO STOCK: Guatemalan Chicharrones and Carnitas with Avocado and Chojin

Weekend Guatemalan Comfort Food!

How about some delicious Guatemalan chicharrones and carnitas with freshly cut avocados and chojín radish salad? Anyone anyone? Deep fried costillas [ribs], …

PHOTO STOCK: Mayan Ambulant Vendor Selling Hats in Antigua Guatemala

Meet the Mayan Mad Hatter

Let me introduce you to José, Ruth’s son, who is celebrating his 14th birthday today. How lucky am I that I get …