Dramatic Lifestyle Photo Shoots in Altamira

Recently, I was fortunate to collaborate with TikTok and Instagram influencer Alexa, an exceptional woman and solo traveler living her dream life and teaching others how to solo travel their way around the world. She was in need for new breathtaking travel portraits for her brand so we got together one afternoon and off we went to make some the fantastic images she was looking for.

As I said before, up the hills of the north villages of Antigua Guatemala you can spend a day or two in Instagram heaven with some many out of this world location with giant hands floating into the air pointing the colossal volcanoes guarding Antigua Guatemala. You can find giant hands, miradores at Altamira, giants, airplanes, giant chairs, butterfly and angel wings; you name it. Miradores, points of view, as giant hand that stick out of the mountains can be found in Altamira, Celajes de Antigua and Hobbitenango and more.

Explore some of the most instagrammable spots of Antigua Guatemala with Antigua Photo Shoots, the perfect activity for those unique Instagram shots! I can take you exactly to those special locations that will make your pictures stand out!

So, come and discover with me some of the most photogenic settings of Antigua Guatemala and take home fun-tastic portraits of you and your loved ones.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠
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